Hush Stands Greenskeeper!!!

Hush stands Greenskeeper.
Hush stands Greenskeeper.

My last post – Tryst With Destiny – Continues… – was about first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s first speech, rendered on the first eve of free India.

The emphasis is squarely on ‘first’ and continuing in the same vein – This is my first attempt at penning a poem – an another first for me…

I would really appreciate if I can have your comments – kind or otherwise for the same.

Hush Stands Greenskeeper…

Garden blooms weaving colors, fragrant around,
Clouds splashing rainbows thru, raindrops around,
River water brimming pious thru, streams around,
Hush stands greenskeeper, blessed spirit all around.

Wheels of polity spins rancorously spreading disquiet,
Minds with unrest flowing, hearts with anger beating,
Distress over-shadows days, wakeful stretches nights,
Immoral sacrifice morals, inhumanity slander humanity,

Garden blooms now quicksands, as deception seeps,
Clouds thundering deceit thru, raindrops of shame,
River water brimming conceit thru, streams of ego,
Hush stands greenskeeper, tears of pain trickling,

Blooms wilted, blooms forsaken, who cares around,
Garden jilted, garden forsaken, who cares around,
Hush stands greenskeeper, jilted around,
Hush stands greenskeeper, forsaken around.


  1. Reminds me the story of the little prince. Nice blog.

    See me in my blog

  2. Thank you for the kind words!

    The title was intended for that very purpose…

  3. Frankly, this is quite an intriguing poem. I was reminded of WB Yeats' The Second Coming…"Turning and turning in the widening gyre."

    What struck me most in your poem was the alleviating balm in your title and last line. The greenskeeper, though hush, still stands.

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