Use Of *&%@# Abusive Words In Movies…

“Salle Bhe*****”. Imagine an “A” rated star like Amitabh or Aamir using such abusive language in films. Well, they have actually promoted use of such language in their movies, off late. Aamir’s latest movie Delhi Belly has a complete song which uses an indirect way of rhyming words which would sound like an abuse. Whereas, Amitabh’s recent movie “Buddha Hoga Tera Baap” has been in controversy due to beep! beep! beep! scenes.
Source: Amul
On introspection it seems that use of such a language, in a medium of entertainment, which reaches entire nation actually spoils the culture of any country. It could also put such words in mouth of our young generation. Sounds really like a bad culture. Isn’t it? But do our young generation really learn such words from such movies. Not actually. 

The audience which goes to cinema halls to see such a movie is normally above the age of 18 years. I am sure censorship board does their job well to restrict such movies for adult viewing only.Such an audience is already using abusive words at the time they enter college. So how do they learn such language? It’s their own family or peer group from where they pick it up. So is there a need to blame movies for it? No. It’s we as parents and friends who are to be blamed if the culture that our children adopt is not in line with what we want them to adopt. 

Now the question is whether such language should still be used in movies or should it be avoided. I firmly believe that it’s no use trying to stop movies from making use of such a language because everyone knows that they are promoting such language to get more eyeballs. When a movie related to “underworld mafia” can be made without such language, where does the need arise to use such language in any other movie. Producers and Directors of these movies try to justify their stand by giving reasons like ” the script of the movie demanded it”. My answer to that is simple. Why not use abusive words in movie like “3 idiots”, I guess the college environment shown in the movie demands such a language much more, as this is the place where such words are used as a part of their daily lingo. It’s basically question of what kind of color one would like to give to his or her movie. 

The icing on the cake is that producers like Ramgopal Varma take such issues to its epitome by tweeting some abusive word to Mr. Amitabh and justifying it by saying it was meant to be a gesture of praise! Nowadays abuse has become so casual that even to praise a friend or for that reason to use such a word has become a fashion statement. People believe that by use of such language they sound more “HEP”. The fact is that such words have lost its essence or meaning. The young generation is so fast that it picks up such words without even being bothered to know the meaning of such words.  

It’s for us to really introspect whether use of such words is really spoiling our culture or whether it is our culture.
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