A Holier Than Thou Bully!!!

‘Holier Than Thou’ means exhibiting an attitude of superior virtue or being self-righteously pious and ‘Bully’ means an individual or group abusing those who are weaker than them.

So ‘Holier Than Thou Bully’ should mean an individual or group abusing those weaker than them but at the same time exhibiting an attitude of superior virtue.

This post is about a country, which in recent times is being perceived as a bully with a huge attitude problem of being a self-righteous country. This country has developed a fondness of projecting itself as the ‘Big Daddy’ of the world, but instead of earning brownie points for it, it is racking up negative points and today majority perception is that this bully is so caught up in its own ego trip that it has become a threat to world peace and can be compared to a dinosaur who didn’t adapt itself to the changing environment and finally brought down its own extinction.

America is the holier than thou bully, who today wants to be the world owner or the world’s big daddy. America is known as ‘Land Of The Plenty’, but would soon be known as the ‘Land Of The Plunderers’ if they keep on moving on their chosen path of preserving themselves at any cost. 

The great continent of America is quickly becoming an anguish for the rest of the world and the same has been highlighted in a book ‘Rogue Nation – Why America Is The Most Dangerous State On Earth‘ by a renowned English author Dr. Vernon Coleman. This book contains several references to America being a rude, impolite and a selfish country that is a major threat to the world peace.

This post is not about any clarifications neither on positive nor on negative issues concerning America. This post is only raising certain questions that maybe many of us might have in lieu of recent American policies.

  • Why does America notoriously rake up the issues that are contentious in other countries but are perceived as threat to American supremacy? They are known to fight empty wars right from Korean War to Vietnam War to Gulf War to more recent ones in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Are the conspiracy theories like American support to Israel is only because of heavy oil reserves present in that region true? The same theory has gained momentum because of the current referendum in Sudan, which will break up Sudan in 2 parts – North and South. The exploration of mineral resources in the northern part of Sudan is dominated by Chinese companies and in order to stop them from also controlling the southern part, America has interfered by pressing for referendum.
  • Why is American policy towards the Indo-Pak situation reeking of double standards? On one hand America wants India to be an ally in its fight against terrorism and on the other hand has done nothing to close down various terror camps flourishing on the Pakistani lands. In fact American military aids to Pakistan has been a major bone of contention between India and America. Everyone knows that Pakistan is a rogue state that can’t be trusted and military alms given to them can easily fall in to wrong hands and misused against India.
  • If America dreams truly of a global peace and under the pretext of global peace wants to read out rules and laws governing the use of nuclear weapons then why has America accumulated the highest number of arms and nuclear weapons? Is it because they have decided on their own that they are a responsible country or is it that they want to bully other countries in to submission? If North Korea, China are deemed as threat to world peace because of its nuclear weapons program then it is nothing wrong if America is seen under the same light.
  • Why is America forming a habit of sending its troops to foreign lands for the flimsiest of reasons? Is it because they want their new recruits have an active warfare experience at laboratories that are Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran etc. Otherwise why only America and no other country run to settle international issues that is of no concern to them?
  • Where America is numero uno in settling international disputes and in ammunition race, it is way behind in giving international aids to zones affected by natural calamities. American uses only 0.1% of its GDP, whereas a small country like Denmark uses 1.01% of its GDP in international aids.
  • Every year billions of dollar are invested in companies, assets, stock exchanges in liberal economies around the world despite America facing a huge economic crisis and trade deficit. Wouldn’t it be wise to use these billions of dollars for bridging the trade deficit gap? But America thinks it to be more prudent to print millions of worthless dollars and use this worthless money in creating assets in liberal economies. British during the days of colonial days plundered its colonies and today America is also plundering its so called colonies by shifting their trade deficit. America shouldn’t be losers others can go to hell.
  • American is fighting against Taliban in order to curb terrorism, but they have no qualms in slaughtering 4,000 Afghanis by bombarding them with bombs worth millions of dollars. These figures are of 2002 and latest figures might even be more scarier and eye opening. Were all the Afghanis killed terrorists? No, most of them were civilians and so what is the difference between America and Taliban when both kill because of their beliefs?
America’s belief in it being ‘A Big Daddy’ might make it easier for them to justify everything that they do, but what about the other side? It is my impression that in its quest to become the supreme power, America has made more enemies then allies on the way. In the long run this move may prove costly and backfire on them with its citizens paying heavy price for it.

The principle of ‘Circle Of Life’ is well documented in World History. Big empires like Great Britain, Rome are apt example, once an all powerful world conquering empires are today a mere pale shadows of their past. America should keep this principle in mind and only time will prove whether the current state in which America finds itself today is that of an ascendency to the top or the downward slide to the bottom. Whatever it is even if America thinks it is on top of the world, majority view begs to differ.

Disclaimer: Certain points made above are taken from web pages that I came across while researching certain aspects. If the same has been copied, please note that there was no intention of plagiarism.

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