Leave The Gods Out Of This…

We have been reading since long about Islamic terror outfits fighting their holy war or Jihad against non-Islamic people or countries or so called ‘Kafirs’. It has been drilled into everyone’s mind that any terrorist is a Muslim and now we are reading in the newspaper about a Hindu terror outfit out to avenge all the terrorists acts carried out on Hindu’s which comes to light by bomb blasts carried out in Malegaon.

Terror can’t belong to any religion and in fact religion has no place in terror or terrorists have no religion. No religion preaches or allows killing of innocent people belonging to other communities or castes. There is simply no place for religion in terrorism.

Terrorists are people with no ideology or logic, they listen to half baked truths and get swayed by it. As we say ‘An Idle Mind Is A Devil’s Workshop’ and people who plan these terror attacks are simply into it for their personal gains. They promise the heavens in literal sense with added attraction of martyrdom and if these acts really give martyrdom, then why don’t they carry out these tasks themselves and achieve this martyrdom. They will not as they are cowards who can only preach nonsensical ideas to those people who are unable to question themselves or others and are oppressed by society.

Even political parties in India are no far behind, giving religious color to any event that takes place. While BJP and Shiv Sena have always condemned the terror attacks on Hindus and are not far behind in labeling all Muslims as terrorists, the Congress and other parties like Samajwadi Party have come out in open and labeled Saffron parties as the real culprit. From all the exchange of allegations and finger pointing one thing is as common as day and night, all the political parties are trying to sway the voters in voting for their party.
Let us all be sure that terror has no religion and are worst even then Cannibals that existed as they killed the other human for feeding themselves where as these terrorists kill for some superfluos idealogy that is a work of some deranged minds and so let us all promise ourselves to leave Gods out of this one issue as Gods already have their hands full with far more important tasks on hand…

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