All Bark And No Bite.

Since years we have been seeing double standards adopted by those in power with whom people have vested their hopes in order to see them initiate changes and make decisions that would bring in a new dawn.

Today is no different…

“India should not attack Pakistan. There should be no war. There should be no crossing of L.O.C. Even a small fire cracker should not go off at the border between India and Pakistan. If there is any war between India and Pakistan, we will not tolerate it” – This is the order given to our leaders by Condoleeza Rice, foreign minister of President George Bush, who even after waging 2 wars against Iraq for the control of their Oil fields, after earning billions in Oil business, could not save or revive America’s economy.
On the day Condoleeza Rice was to visit India, rumors were doing the round, that in public Rice will show sympathy for India, but privately will warn and order our leaders against waging a war on Pakistan.

That is exactly what transpired. Pakistan was given a slap on the wrist and a verbal warning and such warnings have been issued even previously, which is obviously taken with a pinch of a salt by Pakistan.

Since last 25 years, Pakistan has been engaging in a proxy-war against India. Pakistan supported/led extremists have butchered and killed thousands of Indians on Indian soil. They have even attacked India’s economy by smuggling in and circulating counterfeit currencies and drugs. Every now and then innocent people are killed and whole of India is seething with anger and are ready to fight a war to finish, but our leaders have not guts to go against the wishes of America.

Condoleeza Rice has walked away after pouring a bucket of cold water on the anger and emotions of 100 crore Indians and it seems not only Dr. Manmohan Singh is a gentleman to the core, but is also a weak prime minister and accordingly on the international circuit, India’s image is being projected is of a subdued and gentle country.

Before the visit to India, there were no talks of Condoleeza Rice’s proposed visit to Pakistan. After meeting our leaders, Rice went to Pakistan and shook hands with the prime minister of a terrorist country and in turn giving boost to Pakistan’s confidence.

Condoleeza Rice felt the need to visit Pakistan because Pakistan was blackmailing America. America, in order to keep their presence in South Asia, have a secret arrangement with Pakistan since years and accordingly there are secret American military camps present. Pakistan threatened to mobilise thousands of Pakistani troops from Afghanistan border to Indian border, leaving American camps unguarded and refused America the use of Pakistani airstrips and this is the reason Condoleeza Rice had to take a decision and rush to India and Pakistan. Pakistan blackmailed America and in turn America blackmailed India.

In what way???

It is a naked truth and bullying tactics of America, that India should not attack Pakistan because if India attacks Pakistan then America will have no other option but to safe guard their military camps present in Pakistan and in order to do that they will have to secretly aid Pakistan and also they will have to stop all the trade with India and will also have to push United Nations to enforce economic sanctions against India. Also the nuclear deal will be canceled and not only that, even the loans from IMF will be canceled.

To stop India from attacking Pakistan, America has shifted their fleets of nuclear submarines and naval ships in Arabian Sea.


This is all to keep India under constant emotional fear. Even in the past during India-Pakistan war, America had sent their 7th Naval fleet to the Arabian Sea, but Lal Bahadur Shastri, who was the prime minister of India at the time was successful in signing a treaty with Russia and thus America had to withdraw their fleet. Unfortunately, Russia is no longer a super power and hence we are being bullied by America and have to seek their permission before we can attack Pakistan. American is known as a very self centred and selfish country and have always looked after their personal benefits. In order to keep their economy stable, they know that war is required once in a while, so they can sell their weapons and in turn boost their economy. They don’t mind if today India attacks China. As Pakistan is their base in South Asia and no matter what nothing should happen to their ‘Kept-Wife’ Pakistan.

This is the very reason Condoleeza Rice took a complete ‘U’ turn in Pakistan from the statements she made during her visit to India. She made a sophisticated superfluous statement ‘Pakistan should support India in fighting terrorism.’ What about Dawood Ibrahim – accused in Mumbai bomb blasts or what about Hafeez Mohamed Sayed who said that one day he will see Paksitani flag on India’s Red Fort.

Instead, like a slap on India’s face, prime minister of Pakistan said ‘India’s list of 20 most wanted criminal are not present in Pakistan and even if they are there they won’t be handed over to India.’ If Condoleeza Rice was serious and if she had wished she could have forced Pakistan in handing over Dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Mohamed to India, but she did not do that. Mrs. Rice instead of taking action against Pakistan, enjoyed Mr. Zardari’s treat of Fish-Curry and Rice.

If our country’s Government still doesn’t wake up, the people of India will be compelled to think that first Vajpayee’s Government and now Manmohan’s Government have mortgaged India to the American Government. Even after heavy loss of innocent lives, India does not attack Pakistan’s terrorist camps present in parts of P.O.K, the Indian citizens will have no other option but to think that the present leaders have agreed to the slavery under America.

If India wants to regain its lost honor, they should at once stop all the peace and solidarity talks with Pakistan. This is not the time to set free white doves – symbol of peace like Jawaharlal Nehru. Pakistan will not straighten its mended ways by our holding of peace rallies and lighting candles. There was truth in the Ahimsa message given by Gandhiji, Buddha or Mahavir, but we should remember Pakistan is not Britain. Britain had certain level of humanity in them. An English magistrate would stand up in respect, the moment Gandhiji would walk in. Dawood, Hafeez, Tiger Memon, Laden or Chota Shakeel are not the same. We should not forget that it is said ‘To kill evil is not evil at all’ and also ‘Sword in the hand is not for show, but it is to kill the evil in front of you.’

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