Religion – Moral Ritual / Superstition / Feel Good Belief.

Religion has been in existence since the evolution of humans and has been evolving with humans. Religion has advanced by leaps and bounds and has become very modern as compared to us humans. I had read somewhere that religion is a set of practices or rituals often based or centered upon supernatural and moral claims and it lays down a law which encompasses our ancestral and cultural traditions and if it is so then the religion has to evolve because the people following it are evolving and changing daily and the ancestral cultural traditions which were followed before are now just a tradition or in some cases just a cliche. So if we think practically religion can’t be a part of something that is ancient as we still see millions of people of modern era throng Temples, Masjids, Gurudwaras, Churches etc. So in reality what is religion?

Is it an ideology to terrorize people? Is it an ideology to discriminate? Is it an ideology giving rise to superstitious? Well to be truthful, according to me religion is nothing but a belief one has, which could help them decide between good and bad and give them an encouragement in choosing the right path from the various paths that we are accosted with during our lifetime and at the same time feel happy about it, in short it is nothing but a feel good factor.

Religion has such a powerful aura that it attracts people from all walks of life, whether it is a business magnate or a laborer toiling for his daily needs, whether literate or a illiterate, everyone at some point of time have turned towards religion either for thanking God for the happiness He has bestowed or to given an account of problems that have befallen. This aura does not need any agents in the guise of God-Wo/Men or for that matter neither saffron outfits are required nor a Kufie (Muslim headgear worn during Namaz) is required.

I read in an blog that before the moon-mission was launched, a miniature of Chadrayaan was sent to Tirupati Temple for blessings. Our top-notch scientists are top-educated and yet so religious? This would be completely incomprehensible for few who argue that science and religion does not go hand in hand. So, is this superstition? But then again superstition and science are not exactly hand in glove. The simple reason and logic behind this gesture can only be feel good factor and not that it would help in any kind with the technical operations.

Religion is nothing but a feel good factor and a ritual where in we feel satisfied and happy and thinking about this, I realize that religion is not about a set of supernatural and moral claims, it is not about reading some books or preaching, or changing your name. There is nothing superstitious or conservative about choosing a path which gives you happiness and it certainly does not matter whether you wear a tilak on your forehead, a kufie or a turban on your head or a cross in your neck

After all, its all about feeling happy…..

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