Is Religion A New Hotspot On Terror Maps?

The face of terror is seeing a shift with Pragya Singh Thakur being detained in connection with the bomb blasts in Malegaon and Modasa. But is the changing profile of the terrorist sending alarm bells ringing across the city? Most of us feel that the religion has come to the fore as a terror tool. Religion, is peaceful and sacrosanct, but the people must band together to face this growing threat.

Terrorism is the work of a deviant mind that is ridden with supernatural beliefs. Terrorists presume that by pursuing a cause in the name of their religion they will go to heaven. These days, some of the convicts are well-educated, young people. But irrational ism prevails among all people. Their beliefs are enforced by fanaticism and religion. A terrorist is nothing but a fanatic considering that whatever he is doing is for a good cause. There will always be people who believe that counter-attack is the best way to get revenge. Today, even after the arrests have been made, people are not convinced that they are safe, as everyone is aware that the brain behind the attacks is still at large. We require a scientific and foolproof method of investigation. Only then can we pin down the main criminals. Whenever arrests are made, there are contradictions. So people are losing faith in the the police investigations. If such contradictions keep recurring then, soon, nobody will have faith in the police. If terrorist attacks and bomb blasts keep occurring with increasing regularity, it will result in a fear psychosis among people. But citizens need to be aware and take precautions. Along with the police, people, too, need to be vigilant about the ongoing investigations.

Religion does not encourage terrorism and there is no connection between religion and terrorism. Some people commit hideous acts and to cover up their selfish motives use the name of religion. People need to understand that no religion has ever propagated terrorism as a path to heaven, but it is a direct path to hell where in the near and dear ones of the terrorist are the one who always suffer the most.

It amazes me as to why these questions about religion and its connection with terror is being raised every single time an act of terrorism takes place. This terrorists simply have no religion and it is their own prejudices that pushes them over the hill and in to the murky world of terrorists. It is utterly rubbish for us to brand the terrorists as a Muslim terrorist or a Hindu terrorists. At the moment the arrest of Pragya Singh Thakur should open up our eyes and we should realize that the terrorist should not be worshipped upon as religious zealots but should be looked upon as a person with an abused background or a person with mental illness.

Even if for a second we believe that the Malegaon and Modasa blasts are a mode of Hindu retaliation against Muslim terrorism, it solidifies one fact even more that Hate can only breed more hate and who ever the terrorists or whatever religion they belong to they should understand that outbursts of their hatred against the other religion will get them only hatred. What the Hindus did to Christians in Orissa and Karnataka is the same thing as what moghul empires did to Hindus in the past and what would happen if the Christians go about attacking Hindus all overt he world in order to take revenge. It’s up to each individual to think for themselves and not follow the mob blindly. People with vested interests will use religion to their advantage to divide and create havoc in this country.

One of the culprit is our own media, ever since the arrest of the Malegaon blast-accused, Pragya Singh Thakur, news channel are beaming headlines calling her a Hindu Terrorist. I don’t understand why the media is associating terrorism with religion. We have been still trying to deal with religious fanaticism and so there is no point in increasing communal tensions by associating terror with a particular religion, race or caste. Media should be more careful before branding any terrorists and we are all very aware of the ways of our politicians and their vote bank politics and the role that is voluntarily or involuntarily played by the media.

Let’s remember that these terrorists have no religion and in order to curb these cowardly acts, we should all be vigilant along with the authorities. The day we learn to distinguish ourselves as humans first, rather than Hindus, Muslims and Christians, we will win the war against the terror. The time has come when we should not revel in self pity and join hands against the terror and tell the world and the people to stop all these violence as in the end we innocent people are the only victims.

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