Women Power…..

Women – one says if a women is always there behind a men’s success. There are volumes and volumes of pages in history where one can come across women of such high morality and character that it seems that men have always been second best by a long distance.

History pages are full of instances that has shown us again and again that women has been an integral part of humankind since its existence. Women have always been more liberated than they believe since early years. Women have been given equal rights as far as we can see or go back in to the history.

During cave age, the men were only entrusted with hunting, while all the other duties were looked after by women. There also instances where kings and rulers would take advice from their respective queens in lots of matters, where the princess were free to choose their own husband through a ritual which we all know as ‘Swayamwar’ in which the suitors had to prove their worthiness and there are also instances where queens have taken over from their dead husbands and have fought with their enemies matching shoulder to shoulder with their army.
People of India and matter of fact even people from other countries worship Goddess and this clearly proves that women were deemed so powerful that people worshipped them as divine power and sought their blessings. Nature and God has shown us in many ways that women is all powerful and even if you see in an insect kingdom the most powerful are queen bee, queen ant and where female spiders are more powerful and bigger then the male spiders.

Even in a game of chess that was probably invented in India around 6th century, the queen is shown to be the most powerful as compared to the king and one could assume or interpret that women were deemed to be much more than their counterparts during that era.

So if the women were free and liberal since early ages and was accepted by men of the older generations, then why the men of so called modern era or newer generation looks to suppress a women and not treat her as equal. Also, you all women out there trust yourself and take confidence from your genders past history – you don’t have to fight for your freedom or liberation or equal rights, you were always liberated, free and equal…..

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