Are We Proud Of Our Modern World???

The time has really come for each one of us to really ask ourselves about how happy we are with the events happening around the world. Wherever we see, we can only see many levels of oppression on different levels. It does not matter if a person is leaving in a slum or high-rise, it does not matter whether the person is a businessman or a laborer, they all must have faced oppression at some time or other.

It is said and most of us are led to believe that we are leaving in a modern world and enjoy lot of democracy and freedom, where in we have a say in the world affairs, but if we really think hard we don’t even have freedom in choosing the knowledge that we give our children.
Today, we stay in a modern world and should have a matured outlook towards life in general, but what is happening is that slowly but surely we are turning back the time and going to dark ages. In today’s world the thinkers are assassinated, writers are considered infidels, books are burnt, silence is forced by gagging your mouth, thoughts are forbidden and to question is a cardinal sin.
Is this really a modern world that was envisaged by all of us and proud of? I am sure most of you must have answered in the negative, this world that we have today seems like the same one that we read and learned in our history books and instead of learning from mistakes made in past, we are standing in silence and prefer to see the same mistakes being repeated…

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