The Optimist, The Pessimist & The Realist…

Year 2008 has gone in to an oblivion and Year 2009 has began on a somber note and at the same time has been shrouded in conflict and blood. If one would have hoped for a peaceful beginning to the new year, their hopes have been shattered by the harsh reality of the events that have marked the start of 2009 and it seems the current year will be no better or might even turn out to be worse than its predecessor. If one is to take stock of the events of 2008, it would not surprise me if tragic events outweighs all the other happenings. I don’t want to sound like a cynic with a board saying ‘End Is Near – World Is Doomed’ or mean to be a pessimist. I have always been an eternal optimists who believes that after every dark and stormy night, a beautiful day is ready to breakthrough and the darkness of the night will be dispersed by the first rays of Sun.

This very characteristic of mine forces me to look for a silver lining on every dark and gloomy cloud and this could be one of the reason that out of many events of 2008 – right from the first reports of U.S. recession to China’s Olympic games and earthquake, from assassination of Benazir Bhutto to 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, from India’s satellite launch to Iran’s first space center, from Pakistan’s general elections to Bangladesh’s elections, from ouster of Pervez Mushraf to election of Barrack Obama – I was overawed by an event that no one had control over it or was not a handiwork of any human, I was overawed by a celestial formation in the sky – ‘Triangular Conjunction Of Moon, Venus & Jupiter.’

The celestial conjunction was spellbinding and it seemed that someone up there is looking after us and giving us a smile with Venus & Jupiter being the pair of eyes and the Crescent Moon taking the shape of a curled lips and at this juncture a question struck me as a bolt of lightning – Is this formation just a coincidence or was it a handiwork of some Supreme Power beyond our comprehension? To me it has to be a handiwork of a Supreme Power for 2 reasons, one was the shape of the formation – The Smile and it was such a reassuring smile that you feel at peace with your inner self and the second one is the astrological reason. The involvement of the elements in this conjunction – Moon (associated with a person’s emotional make-up), Venus (associated with harmony and beauty) and Jupiter (associated with prosperity and good-fortune) can not be a coincidence as these are the very attributes that are required and one needs to have them in today’s socio-economic scenario of the world.

I am not saying that one has to follow optimism blindly and not think practically, but there is a thin line between thinking practically and thinking pessimistically. According to me there are three types of person in the universe – Optimists, Pessimists And Realists and according to me only one to lose out is a pessimists and the reason for this is very simple and can be explained by the cartoon by Morparia that appeared in a newspaper (Mid-Day – 03/01/2009):

As you will see the Optimist gains half glass of water, realist gains 50% of business even though he is practical about 50% drop in business, but what does a pessimist gain??? Pessimist gains nothing…
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