PETA – Aware Or Beware.

Ms. Shobhaa De very recently in one of her blog post noted down her reservations regarding the PETA and their method of advertising and as an individual I have no reservations about some one putting forth their views, but I also could not hold back my views on this issue.

According to me we all are always worrying about the means and methods instead of looking at the end results and similarly Ms. De is too concerned about the way PETA is marketing rather then the awareness PETA is creating. Well let me ask you do you know that PETA has created awareness among two million members worldwide? Give me one form of marketing that can create so much awareness in such a short time? So what if celebrities show off their bod to promote this campaign? Have you watched the video on PETA website? Have you seen the cruelty done to animals.
Believe me every inch of ones bod flaunted for these poor animals is worth its weight in gold. I agree that there are many other campaigns to create awareness but none is as strong as the one used by PETA. It uses the most famous marketing campaign SEX SELLS!!! Period. Whether it feels cheap or not, its the best way to promote awareness. It directly relates to consumers psyche and their behavior. Rather than take PETA to court why not take people being cruel to animals to court. Why not use energy to help PETA?

I would rather question advertisements of undergarments that are doing the rounds then question advertisements of PETA and it is not that PETA is exploiting any women in order to do these bare acts and these very models and actresses have no reservation in showing off in a movie flick or a fashion ramp, then why not do it for a better cause.

I am all for PETA and had I been a celebrity I would not have hesitated showing off my bod to the world for its sake rather then showing it off for the sake of getting an entry into Bollywood or Hollywood.

Ms. Shobhaa De’s reservation against PETA –
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