Taliban For Dummies.

TALIBAN – Today there is rarely any other word that is as powerful as ‘Taliban’. The moment you utter this controversial word, the world around you has a comment or an opinion to share. Today Taliban and it’s misdeeds are often all over the print as well as news media and due to this highlights in the media, people are unaware of the reason as to why Taliban was founded and why it is has become exactly opposite of what it means.
So what is this Taliban? Talib means student, one who is willing to learn the ways of Allah and Islam. Afghanistan was ravaged by Mujaihideen (Islamic Militant) bandits who would loot the travelers and rape small girls and boys as well as Russian insurgents and in order to fight these criminals, few students formed a group and vowed to fight Mujahideen criminals and get rid of them. This group came to be known as Taliban – a group of Talibs and enjoyed a enormous goodwill among Afghanis.
 Even though there is no evidence, it is widely believed that Taliban was supported by CIA in order to fight Russian insurgency in Afghanistan and as per the universal law the Americans are reaping what they sowed, if the theory of CIA support is true. After the success against Russian insurgency, Taliban had no real purpose and agenda and should have been disbanded, instead was misled by certain elements for personal and political gains and without any proper guidance, Taliban fell in to wrong hands of fanatics and instead of being students of Allah and Islam, they have become students of terrorism and oppression.
These fanatics under ruse of Sharia Law and Islam, torture their own people and curb the rights of their own people. According to these zealots anything that gives happiness is bad as it gives rise to crime and this is the oldest trick in the book that has been used by the past oppressive rulers to keep their subjects under their thumbs. The worst affected, under Taliban regime are women, even though Allah and his prophets have preached to show the highest respect to womankind. Taliban is nothing else but a bully picking on soft targets and will bully only when no one is watching, but the moment they are reprimanded or warned of stern actions they will run away crying.
If there were any hypocrite, then it would have to be Taliban and one of the prime example of the hypocrisy is that Islam prohibits its followers against vending or consumption of any intoxicants, but under the Taliban regime the opium farming and smuggling is at its peak in Afghanistan, secondly Islam teaches one to be compassionate and tolerable against other caste and race, but Taliban are foremost in terrorizing and killing innocent people of other caste but have also spilled the blood of their own Muslim brothers.
Taliban has lost whatever respect they enjoyed initially not only globally but also in the eyes of their own Muslim brothers and more specifically in the eyes of Allah. Taliban for me today does not stand for anything Islamic but is just the opposite of everything that Islam stands for. If some one was to ask me what is Taliban, I would say it is -T(errorize) A(nguish) L(oathe) I(gnore) B(oycott) A(llah’s) N(ame).
It seems that fanaticism has become a fashion statement and everyone wants to jump on to the band wagon of fanaticism, it is no longer limited to Muslim, but has spread to other religions also and the apt example of the same are the recent events in India – Malegaon Blasts, Pub Attack in Mangalore etc. The so called Ram Sene that reared its ugly head in India has first to learn to adopt and imbibe the virtues of Lord Ram, before criticizing other cultures and attacking soft targets. What is the difference between Taliban and Ram Sene, according to me absolutely nothing, as both are trying to force their beliefs on the people and create havoc if they don’t have their way.
Today Taliban is synonymous with all things wrong and let’s hope that while we all don’t hold ourselves back in criticising Taliban and their ways, we should at least peek behind our backs and check whether we have any such elements albeit hiding behind a different mask…..
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