Pope Condemns Condoms – Whose Side Are You On?

Everyone has an opinion on everything, but the problem arises when a public figure airs his views on a particular subject and it soon snowballs into a controversy and things turn for worse when it involves a religious figure head opining on condoms. Pope Benedict has been largely criticized for his remarks on the use of condoms.

Pope Benedict is of the opinion that use of condom could increase the problems of HIV/Aids and further endanger public health. Whereas the remark has drawn lot of criticism from lots of quarters, I don’t see anything wrong about the remark and the same should not be criticized only because the Pope has spoken against the usage of condoms, but one should try and understand the logic behind such a remark. We all know that Pope is not some common man on the street who would just shoot his mouth off to gain cheap publicity.
 Today, everyone will agree that condoms are not 100% safe in avoiding HIV/Aids, yes; it may be helpful to an extent. The only way to ensure 100% precaution from HIV/Aids is to practice marital fidelity and sexual abstinence. I can clearly see the logic behind the Pope’s statement and that is to avoid spreading of HIV/Aids, the activists have to prioritize preaching of fidelity and abstinence on top basis and the promotion of condoms should be kept to minimum. Persons infected with the deadly virus may have sex with different partners, using condoms as they believe that using condom is safe. But therein lays the chance and a definite risk that the uninfected partner would catch an infection.

Today, would anyone of you have sex with an infected person using a condom? I would not and I am sure none of you would dare take the risk, even if a condom is used as there always be an underlying fear of contracting the disease. Not even for a second , I am not saying that people with HIV/Aids should be isolated or discriminated. There may be arguments coming forth that condoms are necessary for those indulging in sexual activities with more than one partner and that is exactly the point Pope is trying to highlight in saying that condom would higher the risk of the virus spreading as infidels would indulge in sex thinking that it is safe and whereas the need of the hour is to promote fidelity and awareness in youngsters as well as teenagers to abstain from having sex with multiple partners.

Condom is a mean that might or might not prevent the spreading of the deadly virus, but fidelity and sexual abstinence is a sure shot way of controlling the spread of this virus and these principles apply all the more where the illiteracy rate is much higher. To some fidelity and sexual abstinence may sound like drastic measures, but drastic times calls for drastic measures. Pope Benedict’s remark should not be construed as a religious remark, but should be seen with a different perspective keeping aside one’s personal religious beliefs and then we will be able to see through the reasoning behind the said controversial remark.

The world is divided over the usage of condoms; let’s hear from you all – ‘Do You Really Think Condom Aids in Controlling the Spread of HIV?
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