Gandhi’s Items As Well As Values Auctioned…

Today it really pains me to see that for majority of people in India are more inclined in getting materialistic Gandhi’s personal items as compared to Gandhi’s values and teachings. There have been controversies after controversies as soon as James Otis announced that he will be auctioning the items that were used and belonged to Gandhi at some point of the time.

No doubt these items are a valuable and precious part of Indian history, but was the Indian Government sleeping all these years? Is the Government saying that they had no clue as to where these items were? Indian Government is leaving no stones unturned in trying to procure the Gandhi’s personal belongings and it has resorted to threats, pleadings, legal methods in order to bring these artifacts back to India. It seems that Indian Government were left red faced when they heard about the auction and wanted to avoid humiliation and at the same time wanted to score some brownie points with the people of India as elections are coming up soon in India.In trying to save their face by getting the Gandhi’s items, the Indian Government broke every possible value that Gandhi believed in and preached. In doing so Government have definitely proved one point that we are concerned more about Gandhi’s items than his teachings. Also it so happens is that these items that were to be auctioned, were given away or gifted away by Gandhi himself and if it is true then Indian people have no right to it. Of course it would have been a different story altogether, if they would have been stolen and smuggled out of the country.

Talking about stolen and smuggled national treasure, the Indian Government should also show equal determination in getting back the Kohinoor Diamond back form England, as the same was definitely looted by the British empire during it rule over India.
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