A Political Strategy – RIOTS.

Recently the headlines of all the newspaper and news channel have ‘Breaking News’ of rioting in various cities of India and rioting takes dangerous propositions especially when they are based on religious sentiments. I am sure that all readers will agree that this kind of negative publicity will definitely drag India back by few years.

Whenever you switch on a news channel or pick up a news daily, you will come across sporadic incidents of religion based attacks by one religious group on a group of people from different religion which then takes the form of rioting which becomes free for all to attack whoever is swept in their way similar to Tsunami wave or a Cyclone, rioters fail to realize that the people they are hurting are the same people with whom they co-existed peacefully few days or months back.
Anti-Christian violence in South, bomb blasts in various cities of India, Clashes in Srinagar presents an ugly face of India that we shudder to think of and it seems that our country is reverting back to dark-ages. This definitely forces us or should force us to think are these sporadic incidents a result of unplanned anger and impulse or are a result of planned movement that uses ignorance of certain people to their advantage.

It is a worldwide situation and there are many conspiracy theories on the grape-vines that no group of rioters can take dangerous propositions without the help of certain selfish groups for example regional political parties or Government who want to undermine their political rivals which is gaining power or popularity in a certain part of the country. It is also seen or heard that the police or anti-riot troops reach a riot infected place much later when the riots have already scaled to a very violent stage and this clearly proves that the rioters are given a free hand to run amok.

Does this mean that India is getting intolerant towards each other’s religion, but that is not the case as there were few articles regarding Muslim actors performing Ram Leela and in the blasts that took place recently in Malegaon, where a group Hindus and Muslims helped the victims. If these reported incidents are true then where is the question of intolerance?

If the riots are caused due to impulsive nature of people, then such behavior does not spread in to massive fire ball that threatens to engulf a complete state or for that matter of fact a complete nation unless and until this impulsive anger is continuously fueled by a group of selfish people who want to right their own wrong and do not want the people to understand the real motive.

We need to ask ourselves again and again that why a certain selfish group control and orchestrate this mob frenzy. Is it that we have become no brainers and believe in what we hear and not apply our mind in order to look in to the reality of the matter and each one of us has to raise a question to our self is does such behavior shows our nation in good light…. This question can only be answered when we all look in to our own hearts and decide that enough is enough…

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  1. Mass hysteria is nothing new to the civilized world. Go through the history of the second world war. One can understand that a 1000 nazis could hate the jews so much but to have the entire social structure hound after the jews with such passionate hate !!! What about the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima- was an advanced country like the US not aware that it would kill 1000's of innocents. What we need to understand is that can a civlized world work towards its own destruction- stop calling it by different names- riots, wars.. are all games to carry out mass murders and nothing more than that.

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