25 December, 2013

Meri Christmas - Teri Christmas or Christmas For All!

The Blessings of Peace - The Beauty of Hope
The Spirit of Love - The Comfort of Faith
 May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.

Millions of people around the world will celebrate Christmas today, a day to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It is a big cultural and religious day for Christians, but is being celebrated by an increasing numbers of non-Christians.

It has always made me wonder as to why a particular religious festival is also being celebrated more and more by people belonging to other religions. This trend is seen even during other festivals such as Diwali, Ramadan etc. Maybe a non-Hindu might not burst crackers in Diwali - as a non-Muslim might not fast during Ramadan, and similarly a non-Christian might not attend a mass, but each and every one will give gifts to their near and dear ones. 

28 June, 2013

RTI is a Pest...

'The Right To Information Act' or popularly known as RTI was passed by the parliament in 2005. This law was welcomed and hailed by all as it empowered the common man with an act that would increase transparency in the government functioning and hence it would play a significant role in reducing the corruption.

The government is worried as the empowerment tool given to the common man is being used against them, and now the RTI rather than being seen as a charmer is now being frowned upon as a PEST...